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Cushion Recovers

RECOVER PRICES ARE IMPACTED BY STYLE, SIZE AND FABRIC GRADE. Our fabrics are graded as B, C, D, etc. wherein a C grade is more expensive than a B grade. What is a cushion recover? It is a custom made slip cover to provide a tailored fit for you current cushions. Recovers have zippers so that you can insert your cushion or the insides into the slip cover and then zip it close.

Why recover instead of buying a new cushion? Several reasons to consider:

1. If the inside of your cushion is good and comfortable, then it could be recovered giving you a new look while recycling the cushion insides which helps save our environment.
2. Recovers cost less to make then a new cushion because of the savings on the filler costs.
3. Recovers cost less to ship because they fit in a much smaller package.
4. Recovers made with Sunbrella fabric are guaranteed by us for 3 years.

Tips on recovering cushions.

1. Since we only make recovers out of long lasting Sunbrella fabrics, carefully check the integrity of your furniture frames. If you have cracked or broken welds, rusting frames, deteriorating finish, new furniture may be a better investment.
2. If your cushions are too soft, bottoming out, not comfortable, or not a good fit, then you should consider new cushions instead. Keep in mind that if your recycled filler fails, we can send you new filler for the recover.
3. Double check your measurement before ordering as custom recovers are not returnable nor refundable unless we did something stupid.
4. If you have cushions, that are curved and/or notched, you will need to send us a cover. There may be a slight increase in the price. In most cases, a Style 3 Recover is required for these.
5. If you cushions have sewn in tufts and/or tufting buttons, you may want to send us a photo before ordering covers. We can do replacement tufting buttons.
6. If you have any questions, send us a email with photos.

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