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Outdoor & In Accessories

Accessories are those additional items that are not basic furnishings nor a necessity. They enhance an area by adding attractiveness, comfort, safety and convenience. By being able to be used indoors and/or outdoors, they are classified as Outdoor and In Accessories.

The following are a few examples:

    1. Place Mats are used for several reasons: a) Add color to enhance a decor. b) Protect the table surface from scratches and other damage such as stains and water rings. C) Control seating alignments.
      Place mats are made out of many materials including two fabrics that were initially designed for outdoor application: Sunbrella, a solution dyed acrylic used primarily for cushions and textelene (poly coated polyester) used primarily as slings. Both fabrics are very durable and can be used outdoors and indoors.
    2. Throw Pillows made out of Sunbrella fabrics add color and comfort indoors and out.
    3. Poufs constructed with solution dyed acrylics can be used outdoors and in to add color, additional seating, and flexibility as an ottoman and end table


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