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Protective Covers

Outdoor Protective Covers

Outdoor Protective Covers to protect grills, outdoor kitchens and islands, outdoor patio furniture, fire pits, air conditioners, pool and spa heaters and others from the elements – especially when the items are not being used for a period of time.

There are basically two types of protective covers – pre made and custom. The pre made are typically made in low labor costs countries, made out of cheaper, less durable fabrics in limited colors and in standard sizes resulting, in most cases, of poor fit and limited durability. Custom Covers are made to the specifications submitted in more durable, long lasting fabrics and, therefore, are more expensive initially than pre made covers.

When considering all the different items and various sizes, in many cases there are no premade covers that will properly do the job, so it is either go custom or do without covers and face the consequences of continued exposure to the elements of which the sun normally does more damage. is a factory direct manufacturer of custom protective covers with over 25 years of experience. Because there are so many variables, we need some measurements including length, width and height plus a few images from different angles to provide estimates. WE HAVE A MINIMAL ESTIMATE FEE THAT IS APPLIED TO BALANCE WHEN ORDER IS FINALIZED. If you are happy with the price (and you will be), we will send you so detailed drawings and options for you to provide exact measurements and specifications.

We can cover anything outdoors with custom protective covers. The following are our most popular items: