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Warranty Issues

Policies and Procedures

If you think you may have a warranty issue, please email or call us. Ideally, an email with a description of the problem, pictures thereof and a copy of your invoice would expedite resolution.
Policies and procedures on WARRANTY ISSUES.

1. All warranties and guarantees are provided by the manufacture, not by PC Designs a reseller except
on the products we manufacture.
2. PCD warranties only the products that we produce such as cushions.
3. PCD does provide a ONE YEAR PRODUCT SUPPORT PROGRAM wherein we will absorb reasonable costs of a mutually satisfactory solution if a warranty issue does incur within 12 months of original purchase from us. For example, if a product needs to be replaced during this time, we will handle all paper work, obtain a replacement if necessary and even redelivery to the purchaser without charge if a delivery charge was originally paid. If the product was a “pick up” then the product must be returned to our warehouse for processing.
4. If the purchase is over one year, then the purchaser has the option of either dealing directly with the manufacturer or retaining us to provide assistance. If we are able to recover the cost of the retainer from the manufacturer, said retainer will be credited.

Retainer fee (must be paid before we can proceed):
0 to 1 year. $0 retainer Additional charges may be applied.
1 to 3 years $39.00 “ “
3+ to 8 years $79.00 “ “
Over 8 years $99.00 “ “
Or not purchased from us. “ “

The above fees are based on email communications to minimize costs. Add $10 for non email communications to cover additional time, materials and postage if you do not have or does not want to use your email address.